We the Nigeria students have observed the effort of electoral committee put into the electioneering process of the Student Union Government for the 2018/2019 academic session, towards getting the best of the representatives of the students at the helm of the student’s leadership.

As diligent as the committee have carried out their duties there are some issues we the Nigeria students would want some clarification about for our understanding, as we know that the process of the selection of the Student union leaders through screening and other methods put in place by the committee to determine the vibrancy, academic and intellectual ability and readiness of those who would take decisions on behalf of the students. And we know you want us to have the best out of those who have made their interest known to pilot the affairs of the union by purchasing the form and this can only be done by the vote of the students after the aspirants have been scrutinized and they have been proven to be academically and intellectually sound by the Electoral committee making them eligible to contest for the position of their choice.

According to the screening result pasted to notable notice boards at the Student affairs and halls of residence on 12:04:2019 towards the closing hours of the day it was observed that some students who have been proven to be academically and intellectually sound by the committee are disqualified based on off campus residence.
To every Nigeria students who want their vote to count in the forthcoming SUG election would want to know if Students staying off campus have the right to vote and be voted for in the forthcoming election or not?

As stipulated in the constitution guiding the affairs of the country validity of your citizenship qualifies you to vote and be voted for; and not putting into concentration where you habit, and this should also be put in consideration in any election that would be conducted within the country as your membership to a community makes you eligible to vote and be voted for into any category of post available in such society. In view of this, the validity of your studentship qualifies you to vote and be voted for in any election or for any electable positions within the school. To my best of knowledge and preceding events it is not written in any section of the Student’s Union Government constitution that the students must stay in the hostel before he or she could contest in any election.
Based on this, we hereby request for a review of the screening results; to give chance to all aspirants which has performed excellently both academically and during the screening process. In view of this, their aspiration and zeal to serve the Nigeria students should not be jeopardize based on an inconsequential reason.

We would be grateful if the review is done in earnest to give room for the election and opportunities for the aspirants to perform their duties to the expected demand of the students as the students believed that the absence of an active students’ leaders at the union make all students deaf and dumb to all issues as regard their wellbeing and output for the interest of the community at large.

Dresslily WW