Check Out The 6 Prominent People Who Contributed To Laycon’s 

Check Out The 6 Prominent People Who Contributed To Laycon’s

Check Out The 6 Prominent People Who Contributed To Laycon’s 

The non-stop tension and drama in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Season 5 house came to an end on Sunday 27th September 2020 where Laycon was pronounced the winner.
It was joy all around the event center when the young black boy from Ogun state and also a Lagosian defied all odds to emerge as the winner of this year’s show. Though his win was written in the stars, we believe some of his colleagues contributed to it.

In this article, we will tell you why these people had a hand in his win and why he should show gratitude to them all the time.


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Neo was the first person to give that courage even before they stepped into the Big Brother house. He was the first to boost his confidence and give him support when he (Laycon) doubted himself. Before being introduced to the world and viewers, Laycon said he was contemplating on taking off his jacket which had custom made lights in it as everybody’s dress was finer and different from his. According to him, Neo was the first to compliment his dress and asked him to turn it on and ignore the Naysayers. Again, when Erica ditched him for Kiddwaya, Neo was that friend who advised him to worry about things he can control and leave the ones beyond his reach. Prior to the end of the show, he said to Neo “You will always be my Number 1 and 2, our friendship will never end”. We believe Laycon must always have Neo by his side as his support contributed to his win.

2. Vee

Vee could be described as Laycon’s guardian angel as her earlier intervention saved Laycon from distraction. After Laycon lost confidence in himself when Erica dumped him for billionaire son Kiddwaya, he was hurt emotionally. The fact that she kept coming back for support when Kiddwaya made her feel less of herself worsened the case for Laycon as it made him lose focus but Vee advised him to stay away from her and reminded him of why he was in the house. They became a force to reckon with during tasks and won loads of prizes and money. Her constant check-up and defense catapulted Laycon to the grand finale and won him the N85 million.

3. Erica

She may seem as the devil but she was a blessing in disguise for Laycon as her role played out in favour of Laycon. Before her nasty altercation with Laycon, Erica spoke highly of him to other housemates and asked them not to look down on him because of his physique because he is very intelligent. The support was absolutely what he needed and thought she will be the right woman for him but things went sour between them as she didn’t feel anything for him. Ebuka’s revelation brought out a whole drama that saw her use unprintable words on him and threatened to kill him. Though she did worse things before leaving the show, her actions garnered more fans and votes for him as they felt he was abused.

4. Ozo

Though there was not much to see from Ozo and Laycon friendship because he (Ozo) was not the ‘go-to’ person for Laycon and they never bonded that much but their ideas during task helped him a lot. They became another force in the house as their partnership in tasks helped them win prizes and helped Laycon to grow in the house.


Laycon’s fanbase known as ICONS showed their love and support when he needed it the most. They stood by him through thick and thin and made sure he survived every eviction. Their support is the first in the history of BBNaija as it saw Laycon lead the chart whenever he is up for eviction. At the grand finale, he won with a total of 60%. This shows they are ever ready to come to his aid at the snap of a finger.

6. His Mother

The result of a praying mother manifested on Sunday when Laycon was pronounced winner of the winner. She wasn’t in the house when her son needed her but her prayer and wishes guided her son to victory. Thank you, mama, we bless the day you went to labour and gave birth to a star.


Check Out The 6 Prominent People Who Contributed To Laycon’s


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