The Rise, Peak, And Decline Of A Talent (Ice Prince Focus)

The Rise, Peak, And Decline Of A Talent (Ice Prince Focus)

Hardwork beats talents if talent does not go hard on work.

The industry is getting hot by the day as Everyone seems to be rootless.

Those who create trends are easily left far behind if they refuse to follow closely and also be innovative with their trends.

Today, we take a closer look at the sensational, and one of the few pioneers of English rap in the industry, Ice Prince.

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He seem to be having some real tough time in the industry right now.

Let’s take a close insight on the level of success he attained and how he has failed to keep up to standard.

The Rise

He started out in Jos state in a group called ECOMOG squad. They used to rap and sing together.

The group split up after a few years. He started singing tenor in church and that was when he met M.I.

He then had a song that made it to Number 1 Chart in Jos, that was when Ice Prince started getting more attention.

Oleku was the song that Shot him to limelight.

The Peak

His debut single, Oleku is the most remixed songs of all time.

Ice Prince won 17 major awards including the 2009 Hennessy artistry tour.

He was seen as the next best rapper after M.I Abaga and seemed like the most direct competition to him

His ability to switch flows and also sing well was an advantage he used to edge others out.

So far, he has been able to release 3 studio albums, 2 EPs and also the 2015 Choc Bois Compilation Album.

Ice prince was really the cool cat during his days, his dress sense was top notch, handsome and also has some cool cash for the ladies as well. Oh i forgot to add, he has good looks too.

His status, hard-work, talents, experience, and most importantly His loyalty made him attain the post of the vice chairman of the Record label that brought him to light.

A post he occupied till he left the record label in 2016. But he later revealed the reason why he left

There is no doubt Ice Prince deserves a legendary status in the industry.

The Decline

The most notable thing we all got from Ice Prince was “that could be us video” in 2015.

He released Tatabara with Skales, also Top up could not add a thing to his stance. A verse For Jabba went off like Java OS

He left the Choc Bois record label despite being in the vice chairman’s post of the record label.

Managed to release his “Jos To The World” Album in 2016 and guess what, he failed to gather 1/4 of his normal audience.

Till now, we find it hard to remember Mentioning Ice Prince’s name whenever we are asked to list the number of rappers in the industry despite his great contribution.

Does this mean the end of the sensational rapper?

What could be Wrong with Ice Prince Zamani? Could he be having problems adjusting to the trends?

Could he be one of the very much overhyped artistes of all times? Could he be into something he sees as more relevant than Music?


Whatever could be the reason for the reason for the long silence or decline in relevance.

We all at Fleshynaija wish King Zamani all the best in what he is doing and wish he gets back to the screens as soon as possible.

The industry miss You. and we do too.

The Rise, Peak, And Decline Of A Talent (Ice Prince Focus)

What Do You Think Is Wrong With Him?


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