“Zlatan Can’t Win The Headies “NEXT RATED“ Award Because Of This Silly Mistake”


 “Zlatan Can’t Win The Headies “NEXT RATED“ Award Because Of This Silly Mistake”

 “Zlatan Can’t Win The Headies “NEXT RATED“ Award Because Of This Silly Mistake”



Now! I know you all wondering what might have been the mistake that tends to pose this kiss death effect on Zlatan’s chance of winning the Next Rated Award, well as have said it’s a silly mistake.

Actually, I came across this tweet yesterday and I reason along with the person that tweeted it and its all making sense, then I decided to share with you guys.

Before we start, see the tweet below:-

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What do you think?


Actually! Zlatan is definitely not the first artiste to make such a mistake in their career, so we shouldn’t hold him too accountable for it. Please, we shouldn’t.

Jumping on viral trends has been a norm most Nigerian street acts cling to just for them to have a short-term sprout in their career progression. Yes, we all want to keep growing in our lives, but please don’t always at the detriment or downfall of another human.

Lil Kesh made his mistakes when he released “Logo Benz” alongside Olamide, he was troubled for that, he releases series of press to correct the masses’ notion, but nothing seems to work for him and sure that has thrown its own significant effect on his career.

Jumping on trends has two sides; either becoming a golden ticket for the artiste? Or could this be the act’s eternal doom?

We witnessed the case of Naira Marley’s “Am I A Yahoo Boy” song, which led to EFCC arrest, but in a long run it became a golden ticket for his career to skyrocket, but this happens 1 in every 10 times when jumping on bad trends.

Imagine, now there is #SexForGrade trends instead of our trends-loving acts to do something around it, make a massive awareness about the heinous act with their talent, but then they won’t jump on this. Hypocrites 🤨!! More reason I think Eedris Abdul Kareem is the most sensible act In Nigeria,

Well Yoruba people will say “Omode O le Mo Eko Je, Ko ma ra Lowo” meaning “A Toddler will never be an expert in eating pap, without the pap staining his hand” intrinsically meaning that “No matter how perfect you can be, there will definitely be some mistakes you going to make”

So Zlatan has made a mistake and we should just sound this as a warning to him… 🙏


No! Zlatan doesn’t care about how you feel… The #NoMannaz level na!

Cause if he truly cares about what you all said to him for body-shaming Tacha about body odor, an allegation that has not even yet been confirmed, he should have deleted the Freestyle he made on Instagram about the EX BBNaija Housemate, Tacha. But Baba Na street!


Yes! The right has question has definitely popped up in your head.

Statistically looking, After the “Marlians” (Fans of Naira Marley), research shows that the “Titans” (Die-hard fans of Tacha) are the next most strong and most active group of people in Nigeria presently. Double the number of Fans the #RevolutionNow agitator, Sowore has. You can Imagine how massive they are.

BBNaija being the biggest reality show in Nigeria has given us an insight at how big, the titans can be, definitely, not a few thousands of people, it’s a clan that could easily be millions of people, supporting the girl (Tacha) no matter anything.

A clan of people that have been conversant with Votings week in, week out as their favorite girl is always up in the BBNaija house for eviction. And we all know the ally between BBNaija and Music Industry in Nigeria, so everything connects at the end.

So Imagine, the titans going against Zlatan and decide to share their votes amongst the rest nominees in the category. This cripples the chances of Zlatan winning and strengthen the chances of others.


In another vein, Zlatan can still win, he’s like the biggest contender In that category, alongside acts like Victor ADRemaJoeyboyFireboy. So there’s big chance of him winning.

But at least to those Titans, Zlatan’s career’s already kissed death to them and nothing he ever going to do is going make sense to them again, except he apologize and right his wrong by deleting that snippet on his page.

But that shit is going to be too hard for him, a post with over 130,000 comments, probably highest comment any Nigerian act ever has.

He will find a way out sha, either uphold his career or uphold the comment-filled post.

So Guys 👇

Do You Think Zlatan Body-shaming Tacha, Can Affect Him In The Headies Award?


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  1. Well. I wish the Titans read and reason with this write up… but that depends on if they get to read it sha…. to me. I think forgiveness is the key though slatan is at fault. So forgive and forget. Lobatan

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